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What is the definition of degradable and compostable?

  • Degradable and compostable are defined as follows:

Degradability: refers to the property that substances undergo biological or physical processes in the natural environment and eventually decompose into harmless substances, and can be fully absorbed or reused by the environment. Degradable substances can be divided into two categories:

  1. Biodegradable: This type of substance can be broken down into smaller compounds through biological activity, such as the action of microorganisms or enzymes, and then completely degraded by microorganisms in nature. For example, some bioplastics are made from degradable polymers that can degrade into water, carbon dioxide and biomass through microbial metabolism in the right environment.
  2. Physically degradable: These substances gradually decompose into smaller fragments in the natural environment through physical processes such as sunlight, oxidation or mechanical wear, and eventually disappear. For example, some plastic bags and packaging materials use physically degradable technology, which gradually breaks down into tiny fragments under the influence of natural factors such as sunlight and oxidation.

Compostable: A product or material (such as yard waste, kitchen scraps, wood chips, cardboard, and paper) that biodegrades in a specific, human-driven environment and ultimately becomes a fertilizer that can be used for soil improvement or As fertilizer. Unlike the completely natural biodegradation process, composting requires human intervention. In general, two types of compost can be distinguished: industrial compost and domestic compost. Home composting involves collecting food scraps into bins or piles, mixing them with yard waste, and breaking them down into more basic organic matter over a period of time (usually 12 months).

What are the products of Pony Packaging-disposable compostable and degradable tableware?

Biodegradable dinner plates (large disc type, three-format disc, five-format tray)

Biodegradable flip-top lunch boxes (single format square lunch box, single format long lunch box, deep bottom single format square lunch box, double format square lunch box, three format square lunch box, three format long lunch box)

Compostable bowls (9 oz deep round bowl, 24 oz shallow round bowl, 32 oz shallow round bowl, 24 oz deep square bowl, 32 oz deep square bowl, 36 oz shallow long bowl)

Biodegradable Burrito Bowl (26 oz Round Plate, 30 oz Round Plate)

Biodegradable tableware (disposable chopsticks, disposable biodegradable straws)

Biodegradable bags (small tote bag, medium tote bag, large tote bag, extra large tote bag)

Biodegradable cup (10 oz printed hot cup, 12 oz printed hot cup, 16 oz printed hot cup)

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