Pony Packaging - The rise of biodegradable tableware: an environmental
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Pony Packaging - The rise of biodegradable tableware: an environmentally friendly and sustainable new choice for catering

  •  The emergence of degradable tableware

The production of degradable tableware stems from the pursuit of environmental protection and sustainable development. Traditional tableware consumes a lot of resources during the production process and is difficult to degrade in the natural environment, causing long-term pollution to soil, water sources, etc. Degradable tableware is made of environmentally friendly materials, such as starch-based, paper, biodegradable plastics, etc. These materials can quickly decompose into harmless substances under certain conditions, thereby reducing the negative impact on the environment.


  • Application scope of biodegradable tableware

Biodegradable tableware is widely used in the catering industry, including fast food restaurants, restaurants, coffee shops, takeaways, etc. In addition, in some special occasions such as outdoor picnics, music festivals, sports events and other activities, degradable tableware is also favored because of its portability and environmental protection.

  • Characteristics of degradable tableware
  1. Environmentally friendly and degradable: Biodegradable tableware is made of environmentally friendly materials and can be quickly degraded in the natural environment, reducing environmental pollution.
  2. Light and easy to carry: Biodegradable tableware is usually lightweight, easy to carry and store, and suitable for various occasions.
  3. High temperature and water resistance: Biodegradable tableware has been specially treated and can withstand certain high temperatures and water washing to meet the needs of the catering industry.
  4. Diversified design: Biodegradable tableware is diversified in design and can meet the needs of different consumers, such as different colors, shapes, sizes, etc.
  5. Customized services: Some biodegradable tableware manufacturers also provide customized services, which can customize exclusive tableware according to the needs of enterprises or merchants to meet individual needs.
  • Degradation cycle of degradable tableware

Degradable tableware is divided into two ways: physically degradable and biodegradable:

Physically degradable tableware needs to be completely degraded within 45-150 days with human intervention.

Biodegradable tableware takes 120-365 days to completely biodegrade in the natural environment.


  • Conclusion

Pony Packaging is a wholesale company that sells disposable tableware and thermal paper rolls in an environmentally friendly way. Our goal is to help food service providers build sustainable businesses and to make tableware green and safe for their customers. All of our product ranges are sold at wholesale prices, not only that but we also offer a customized service to suit your individual needs. At Ponypackaging.com, we're here to help you or your business operate more easily and conveniently - environmentally friendly and affordable!

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