Collection: Soup Containers

Pony Packaging offers a wide range of biodegradable plastic soup containers. Disposable soup cups with lids are perfect for delivery or takeout. These food bowls come in a variety of sizes (from 8 oz to 32 oz) and are sturdy and durable. They are also great for ice cream cups or frozen yogurt.

Why choose plastic soup containers for takeaway food?

Plastic soup containers are a popular choice for takeaway food. They are convenient, lightweight and provide an easy way to transport hot soups and broths. Plastic soup containers are also an affordable option for those who want to enjoy their favorite soups on the go. With their tight-fitting lids, these containers are ideal for keeping soups and broths fresh, hot and spill-proof, ensuring a mess-free experience.

At the same time, plastic soup containers are also environmentally friendly. They are made from high-quality, food-grade plastic materials that are safe for food contact and are recyclable. This means that customers can enjoy their soups and broths without having to worry about their impact on the environment.

In addition to their convenience and eco-friendliness, plastic soup containers are also versatile. They are available in a range of sizes, making them suitable for a variety of soup and broth types, from creamy bisques to hearty stews. They are also microwave safe, which means that customers can easily reheat their soups and broths when they're ready to enjoy them.

In conclusion, plastic soup containers are an excellent choice for those who want to enjoy their favorite soups and broths on the go. With their convenience, eco-friendliness, and versatility, plastic soup containers are a great option for takeaway food that is sure to attract more customers. So why not start using them today and take your soup and broth offerings to the next level!