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Thermal paper and Plain paper is differences are there?

In daily life and work, paper is used everywhere. Although most of the common papers we see look similar, in fact, different types of paper have different uses and properties. This article will explore in detail the differences between thermal paper rolls and ordinary paper to help you better understand their characteristics and usage scenarios.

  1. What is thermal paper roll?

Thermal paper rolls are special printing media that react chemically when heated to produce images or text. Thermal paper is mainly used in thermal printers, which do not require the use of ink or ribbon. Common thermal paper applications include receipts, labels, tickets, and fax paper.

  1. What is plain paper?

Ordinary paper is the most common paper in our daily lives and is widely used for writing, printing, painting, etc. Regular paper often requires ink, toner, or other printing supplies to render text and images. There are many types of paper, including printing paper, copy paper, notebook paper, etc.

  • The main differences between thermal paper rolls and ordinary paper?
  1. Thermal paper: The thermal paper is heated through the thermal print head, causing the chemical coating on the thermal paper to react to form images or text.
    Plain paper: Images or text are formed on the surface of the paper through external substances such as ink or toner.
  1. Thermal paper: No ink or ribbon required, lower printing cost, suitable for mass printing or temporary recording.
    Plain paper: requires ink, toner or ribbon, and the long-term use cost is higher.
  1. Thermal paper: Due to the characteristics of the chemical coating, the images and text on the thermal paper are easily affected by light, heat and friction, and the storage time is relatively short, usually starting after 1-3 years Blackened, yellowed.
    Plain paper: Content on plain paper can last for years, even decades, if printed with high-quality ink or toner.
  1. Thermal Paper: Mostly used in restaurants, retail stores, banks, casinos, etc. where fast printing and instant viewing are required.
    Plain paper: widely used in scenarios that require long-term storage and frequent use such as office, study, and file preservation.
  1. Thermal paper: The printing process is more environmentally friendly (because no ink and toner are required), and Pony Packaging-thermal paper does not contain BPA, and because it uses 100% lint-free paper, it can reduce printer jam waste, Images printed on thermal paper are displayed clearly.
    Plain paper: Ink and toner are required during the printing process, which consumes more resources, but the paper itself is easier to recover and recycle.

How to choose the appropriate paper?

The choice of paper type mainly depends on the specific use needs and environment.

If you need fast, low-cost printing** and the content is not stored for a long time, such as receipt paper, express delivery slips, thermal labels, etc., Pony Packaging-thermal paper roll is a good choice.
If you need to keep documents for a long time**, such as contracts, reports, study materials, etc., ordinary paper is undoubtedly a better choice. With high-quality printing supplies, the content can be guaranteed to be clear and durable.

  • Conclusion

    Thermal paper rolls and ordinary paper have their own advantages and disadvantages. Their differences are mainly reflected in printing principles, consumable requirements, service life, application scenarios, environmental protection and economy. Understanding these differences can help you make smarter choices in different scenarios, improve work efficiency, and save costs.

    Whether you are an individual or a business, choosing the right paper can not only meet actual needs, but also save resources and protect the environment to a certain extent. I hope this article can provide you with useful information to help you better understand and use thermal paper rolls and regular paper.

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