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Biodegradable disposable tableware —— Healthy and environmentally friendly

For a long time, people have used tableware such as dinner plates and lunch boxes on a daily basis, but the materials of tableware are diverse, including metal, paper, plastic, aluminum, etc.

However, the greenest and most environmentally friendly thing is definitely the disposable biodegradable tableware made of organic materials such as sugar cane, bamboo, straw, etc., because disposable degradable tableware must meet the production requirements of safety, pollution-free, and biodegradability before it can be used. . Therefore, even if the disposable degradable tableware is discarded in the wild, after 45-60 days of precipitation, the disposable degradable tableware will be naturally diluted by nature's microorganisms.

In addition, disposable biodegradable tableware is also resistant to grease, cutting, moisture, and soaking, which allows the compostable tableware to be heated in a microwave oven, withstand the 90°C temperature of food, and can be frozen in the refrigerator food, so you can save yourself the trouble of washing dishes!

Not only that, disposable biodegradable tableware also has a wide range of applications, such as daily gatherings and picnics, dine-in fast food can be paired with biodegradable plates, take-out can be paired with flip-top take-out boxes, and small portions of fruit salad can be paired with it. Available in a 9 oz compostable white disposable bowl, or a large fruit salad in a disposable 24 oz square bowl.

Whether it's for your family's health or protecting the natural environment, disposable biodegradable tableware is the ideal choice.

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