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What's The Best Label Printer for a Small Business?

Direct thermal shipping labels are a type of adhesive label commonly used in shipping, logistics, and e-commerce for printing shipping information and labels directly onto the label's surface without the need for ink, toner, or ribbons. These Fan Fold Labels are designed to work with direct thermal printers, which use heat to create images on the label's special thermal paper or material.

4" x 6" Thermal Direct Shipping Label 1 Label Per Sheet/ 500 Labels | Pony Packaging


4" x 6" Thermal Direct Shipping Label 1 Label Per Sheet/ 500 Labels | Pony Packaging

No Ink or Toner. Direct thermal labels don't require ink or toner cartridges. Instead, the direct thermal printer applies heat to the label's surface, which causes the thermal coating to darken and create text, barcodes, and images. This simplicity can reduce the cost of consumables and printer maintenance.

Cost-Effective. Because there are no ink or toner expenses and typically fewer moving parts in direct thermal printers, these labels are often considered cost-effective for businesses that require a high volume of shipping labels.

High Print Speed. Direct thermal printers are known for their high-speed printing capabilities, making them suitable for businesses with a high shipping volume.

DurabilityDirect thermal labels are suitable for short-term applications. However, they are sensitive to heat, light, and physical abrasion, which can cause the print to fade over time. This makes them more suitable for applications where the label doesn't need to last for an extended period.

Barcode Printing. Direct thermal labels are commonly used for printing barcodes, making them a popular choice for shipping labels as they can include tracking information for packages.

Environmentally Friendly. Some direct thermal labels are made from materials that are more environmentally friendly since they don't require the use of ink cartridges or ribbons. This can be a consideration for businesses aiming to reduce their environmental footprint.

4" x 6" Thermal Direct Shipping Label 2 Labels Per Sheet / 500 Labels | Pony Packaging


Thermal Labels,  4x6 Direct Thermal Label 3000/Case, Fanfold  Labels | Pony Packaging

Identification: Shipping labels help identify the sender and recipient of the package. They often include names, addresses, and contact information.

Tracking: Many shipping labels contain a barcode or QR code that allows for easy tracking of the package as it moves through the shipping and delivery process. This is especially important for both the sender and recipient to monitor the status and location of the package.

Content Information: Shipping labels may include details about the contents of the package, such as a description of the items, quantity, weight, and value. This information is crucial for customs declarations and for the recipient to know what's inside.

Carrier Information: The label often includes information about the shipping carrier or courier company that will handle the delivery. This may include the carrier's name, logo, and contact information

Barcodes: Barcodes on shipping labels are scanned at various points during transit to track the package's progress and ensure it reaches the correct destination.

Return Information: In some cases, shipping labels include instructions for returning the package to the sender if it cannot be delivered.

Fan Fold Labels, 4"x 6" Direct Thermal Label, Thermal Direct Shipping Label  | Pony Packaging

Direct thermal shipping labels are available in various sizes and formats to suit the specific needs of businesses. When selecting these labels, it's important to consider the application's duration, the level of environmental exposure, and the requirements for high-quality barcode printing. Businesses that need long-lasting labels or labels exposed to harsh conditions may opt for thermal transfer labels, which use a different printing technology and are more durable.

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