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What You Should Want To Know About Waterproof Labels?

Waterproof labels are a necessity for businesses using labels for demanding applications or in moisture-rich, wet environments. They're some of the most durable materials in our label portfolio and can hold up well in a number of different situations. 

Waterproof Labels | Pony Packaging

Weatherproof Label Benefits 

Here are just a few things you can look forward to when using weatherproof labels from Pony Packaging.com

They're waterproof 

They're made with a strong, permanent adhesive

They hold up in a wide array of temperatures 

They're high quality without sacrificing aesthetics Logos, designs, and text stays legible 

They're resistant to scuffing, tearing, and smudging


Water bottles with weatherproof white matte inkjet labels Our white weatherproof matte labels for inkjet printers utilizes a water-fast inkjet coating and has a strong, permanent adhesive. It offers the perfect bright white backdrop for full-color designs. It's also tear-resistant and can easily adhere to many surfaces including metal, plastic, and glass.

Weatherproof Clear Gloss Labels 

Beer bottles with clear gloss laser labels Our clear gloss labels for laser printers are crystal clear with no frosty appearance. The transparent polyester material has a permanent adhesive, is incredibly durable, and possesses a strong resistance to water. These labels are great for creating the "no-label look" since they're completely transparent.

Custom Clear Labels & Stickers For Bottles: Production & Application |  Pony Packaging




If you're creating bath and body product labels that will end up in the bathroom or by a sink, these weatherproof materials will keep your customers happy. No more bleeding ink on their hands, staining the surface where the container sits, or leaving them with an unidentifiable product. These labels will withstand the heat and water of a shower, heavy handling, and more.

Shipping Labeling 

Your packages go through quite a journey on their way to the customer. Ensure it arrives safely and to the right destination with shipping and mailing labels. These materials won't tear or smudge as they work through the automatic sorting machines, hot and cold temperatures in transit, and heavy handling by carriers.

Shipping Label | Pony Packaging

If you need labels that hold up to any use, learn more about our most durable materials. You can also order custom-colored labels and custom sizes if you can't find what you need. Or, do you need printed waterproof labels for a large scale order? Contact Us Today. 

Our customer service team is happy to help find the right label for your project.

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